Silverson Conversion App Now Available on Android Platform

Volume calculation tool for processors

Silverson Machines, Inc. announces release of the Android-based version of the company’s latest app – Silverson Conversion Tools – available for free download on Google Play. The Android version of the app contains the same versatile set of conversion and calculation tools as the original iOS platform app. “The app is suitable for use in almost any process environment as a quick reference tool for engineers and operations personnel,” explains Harold Rothman, CEO, Silverson Machines. “Now with the Android version available, all smartphone users should be able to take advantage of the multiple functionalities within our free app.”

In addition to the tank volume calculator for determining the volume of most types of cylindrical or rectangular tanks, there are additional conversion tools built into the app to assist users in calculating and converting length, flow, motor power, pressure, temperature, volume and fine measurement. The app allows the user to move between U.S. and metric measurements and includes helpful links to the entire range of Silverson high shear mixers and processing application expertise.

In addition to the Android platform, the Silverson Conversion Tools app is also available on the iOS platform for iPhones, iPads and other devices.

To learn more or to download the app, visit either Google Play or the Apple App Store and search under “Silverson” or “Silverson Conversion Tools.”

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